How to Get Your Employer to Pay for Online Masters Degrees

Technology is the touch phrase of today’s tough job market. To remain competitive, companies must stay abreast of ever-evolving market trends. Most businesses cannot afford to divert sufficient resources from revenue generation to continuous market surveillance.

Failure to do so, however, adversely affects the bottom line. Many shrug their shoulders in silent surrender. Little do they know that a ridiculously simple solution to their stymies exists. Students, pay special attention as class commences with an odyssey into inducing employer interest in financing online masters degrees.

A mutually interesting proposition

No matter how much you may hate your boss and silently wish for his or her slow and painful demise, the truth is that you have many common interests. One of these is in higher education. It has been repeatedly proven that educated personnel are much more efficient. Disciplined, analytical minds make better management; overall productivity proliferates profusely; business bottom lines are buttressed.

The big catch-22

Until recently, the primary obstacles for many seeking higher education have been money and time. After being in the workforce many years, most executives and working professionals have substantial job and family obligations. Today, technology has solved the problem. Without moving so much as a millimeter away from home or work, you may earn the education you need.

But what about the money?

Okay, okay, so we’ve solved one major problem. Fine and good; how will you ever afford it? If you are like most, your budget is tighter than pantyhose that are two sizes too small. You know about loans, but you just cannot support any more obligations.

Uncle Sam to the rescue

There is a white knight riding through the horizon in full armor. If you look very closely, you will recognize him. There’s the red, white, and blue! Oh, how your heart beats true! It’s Uncle Sam again.

Because he values education so highly, Uncle Sam has facilitated its attainment for America’s working folks. Your employer may contribute up to $5,250 per year for your education – tax free! In some cases, he allows even higher amounts. By not taking his usual cut of your employer’s profits on amounts spent for your schooling, Uncle Sam increases employer incentives to invest in you.

Of course, employers already have a huge vested interest in wholesale intellectual increases among their staff. The superior skills of scholarly types pays off in the long run. Consequently, online masters degrees like MBAs have exploded in popularity.

Even if you enroll in a non-degree program to brush up on practical skills or obtain occupational certification or licensure, Uncle Sam still extends the tax break. It is a win-win situation. Your company gets to retain benefit of your valuable services while you simultaneously upgrade and improve them.

It does not matter whether you are a minimum-wage minion or an extraordinarily highly-compensated executive. Uncle Sammy does not tolerate such discrimination by bosses. What could be sweeter than this, class?

Approaching Your Boss

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